Campus Services

Campus Mail Services provides support services for all departments at the college.  Primary activities are mail delivery and collection for students, faculty, and staff as well as printing services for the faculty and staff.

Student Mailroom Location:

Basement of Stockdale Center downstairs from the cafeteria

Hours of Operation:

9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday (excluding Monmouth College holidays)

School-Break hours: (email to meet for mailing needs) Packages will be processed and lockers will be filled for package pickup at the student’s convenience.

Contact Information:

With question or concerns please email Tracey Bigger or Cori Moore
Or call Mail Service at: 309-457-2126

Your Mailing Address:

First Name-Middle Initial-Last Name
Monmouth College
318 N 9th St
Monmouth, IL 61462

Do not use nicknames. When sending packages, please use your name as it appears on your Monmouth College ID. Failure to address your mail/packages in the format above may result in delivery delays or it being returned to sender as undeliverable.

Picking Up Your Mail/Packages:

Student mail/packages will be placed into a package locker to allow you to pick up after hours. A notification email sent to your MC email will indicate the locker number and combination to open. After removing the package, locks are to be deposited in the drop box next to the lockers. Failure to return the locks will result in a $20.00 replacement charge.

The exception to package lockers use is pieces of mail/packages that do not fit into a package locker, or packages which require a signature (i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, Insured, Certified, Registered, and Express Mail). You must come to the Mail Center during our hours of operation with you Monmouth College ID in order to retrieve packages. A notification email will also be sent for these.

NOTE: Wait for an email from Mail Services before coming to pick up a package. Not only does it take time to process our shipments, but carriers will mark items as delivered to a zip code up to 24 hours in advance.

Things You Should Know:

  • Your Monmouth College ID is required to pick up packages/mail from the Mail Center.
  • Packages left in package lockers longer than 36 hours will be relocated to the Mail Center holing shelves to free up the locker for other students. Packages not picked up will be returned after 3 attempts to deliver. If circumstances occur that you are unable to pick up package, email and a hold will be placed and package will be securely stored until the student can arrange to pick up.
  • Stamps (for purchase), envelopes, and packaging are available to students at the mail center window.
  • Assistance is available for proper addressing of mail, as well as tracking information.
  • DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL. Gift cards, pre-paid Visa/MasterCard, or money orders should be used as they can be traced, cancelled or eventually be replaced in the unlikely event that they are lost or stolen.
  • Recycling bins are located nearby for various materials and packaging.

Students who leave campus, graduate or study abroad may have their First Class mail forwarded to them by the student mail room by notifying the mail room via e-mail or in person.  The forwarding address must be an address in the United States.  Bulk rate mail and merchandise sent by commercial companies cannot be forwarded.  The mail room will forward items over the summer.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify companies, friends and family of his or her new address to guarantee continued delivery of all mail.  The post office will not change your address.

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