Winter Weather Protocol

Winter weather in Monmouth can be fun but it’s important to be prepared so we have developed these guidlines to ensure a safe and happy winter season.

Before – Preparation

  • Facilities collaborates with Campus Safety to determine if there is a threat of inclement weather.
  • Once the threat of inclement weather is determined, Grounds/Utility teams will be dispatched to campus.
  • The necessary tools, supplies, and materials will be ready and on-site.
  • Grounds/utility teams will pre-treat pathways anywhere from 8 to 48 hours before snow or ice is to arrive.
  • Snow emergency notification email/text message will be provided by Campus Safety.
  • Midwest weather can be unpredictable, proper foot attire should be worn to help prevent slips and falls.

During - Task Assignments

  • Grounds/Utility teams will have designated areas. Student pathways are the priority. See map for details of primary and secondary areas.
  • If snow or ice is falling teams will treat with granular ice melt. Note- Ice melt is not effective when temperatures are -15 degrees and below.
  • Custodians will remove snow in front of entry ways and treat with granular ice melt.
  • If 2 or more inches of snow has fallen, a snow removal company is dispatched to remove snow from parking lots and campus roadways.

After – Clean up

  • After the inclement weather event has ended Grounds/Utility teams will inspect and blow ice melt and other debris from pathways.
  • All equipment will be cleaned and stored properly in designated areas in preparation for future events. All materials used during the event will be re-stocked.
  • Grounds/Utility teams will meet with Director of Facilities after each inclement weather event to discuss lessons learned and make appropriate adjustments in order to improve the process.

Disclaimer-Due to minimal staff please be patient with us. Our Custodial/Utility staff will be shoveling snow so cleaning services will be delayed during snow/ice events.