Yes, you can bring a car to campus

All Monmouth College parking lots and parking areas – including streets and driveways maintained by the College – require a College-issued parking permit.

You can register for a parking permit with our online registration form. Parking permits are issued to students after their move to campus in August; the permit fee will be charged to their student account.

Yes, you’ll need a permit

A general parking permit is $100 per semester. This permit allows for parking in any student parking lot excluding Bowers Hall lot and Founders Village lot.

Students in Bowers Hall and Founders Village can request a permit for those specific lots at the same rate of $100 per semester. Both permits also allow for parking in any general lot.

Student moving in at her car.

Parking lot spaces are a first-come, first-served basis.

Refunds for returned and unused parking permits can be requested within the first seven calendar days of each semester. If the old permit is not returned, the full per-semester fee will be charged.

If you get a ticket, you can appeal it

All parking tickets are $50, but parking in handicapped space without a permit is $250. Parking tickets can be appealed with our parking appeals form.  Appeals must be received within 14 calendar days of the date the parking ticket was issued or they will not be considered. You will be notified by email after the decision from the student appeals board. Students, faculty and staff will be notified if parking rules or regulations change. 

Please let us know if you change a license plate, have a vehicle change, or bring a loaner or temporary vehicle to campus. 

Visitor Parking

College Guest

Parking for Admission events is available in lots next to the Admission Building at the corner of Broadway and North Sixth Street. There is a lot on the northwest side of the building as well, as spaces in the lot in the front of the Center for Science and Business on Broadway.

Vehicles used by visitors should not block campus fire lanes, service drives, loading docks or sidewalks, and must yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Student Guest

Due to COVID-19 Policies no student guests are allowed in residence halls until further notice.

Students can request a student visitor parking permit for their guests. The student visitor must park in the Euclid Avenue or 11th Street lot. The host student is responsible for any of their visitor parking violations. Monmouth College is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles. Vehicles should be locked at all times.