Planning a Campus Event

Whether you are a student organization or a faculty department, the Office of Campus Events is here to help make your event a success!

Discuss and Plan

  • Ensure the event space is available and does not conflict with other events:

  • Talk through the event with your group and your advisor.

    • What would the events schedule look like?

    • Are there any potential risks that need to be mitigated?

    • What are your work order and audio visual needs?

    • How much money is needed to have the event? Do you have enough available money in your budget?

  • Does this event require any additional approval?

    • Are you fundraising? You will need to fill out a Fundraising Form and return to the Office of Campus Events.

    • Are there t-shirts? Students must secure approval from the Office of Campus Events.

  • Does your event require a contract?  If you have live student talent they will need them to complete the Talent Performance Agreement?

  • Who is working the event? What will event staff be doing before, during and after the event?

Submit your Room Request

  • Make a Room Reservation:

  • This will take you to the request form.

  • Select whether you want to make the event public and whether your event requires a room.

  • Follow the tabs at the top and submit request.

Submit Work Order—include this information on your Room Reservation:

  • How many tables and chairs do you need?

  • Do you need additional trash cans?

  • Do you have a schedule, special layout or any supplementary items you need to submit?

  • Do you need power?
  • Do you need Audio/Visual equipment?
    • microphone, projector, computer, speakers, ect…?
    • Do you need an A/V tech to work the event?
      • Sound Check? What time?


  • The Room Reservation Request will be sent to the Office of Campus Events for Approval.  Once approved, you may continue to plan and advertise your event.

Advertising/Event Materials

  • Ensure to include event name, date, time, location, organization logo, event details?

  • How will this event be promoted?

    • poster, flyer, email, social media, table in a lobby, ect…?

  • Submit any event materials to your advisor to review before it is released.

  • Event materials will also be reviewed by the Director of Campus Events.

  • To post your event on the MC website Calendar:

Discuss items that need purchased

  • If any items need to be purchased, talk to your advisor about what you are thinking and create a plan to purchase.

  • How much money do you have in your Budget?

  • Is this online or does this need to be purchased at a store? Tax exempt?

Final Check

  • Make sure everything you have planned for your event is all set and ready to go.

At the Event

  • Know who your event monitors are in case any decisions need to be made at the event,
  • Have fun and promote your organization.
  • Take pictures and videos.

Post Event Discussion

  • After your event, sit down with your group and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Take detailed notes, so if this event is repeated you will have this information for next time.

Any questions or need help planning?

Visit the Office of Campus Events is located on the main floor of Poling Hall.