Policies & Forms

Refund of institutional charges for withdrawn students policy

When any student (new or returning) withdraws from all coursework during a semester, it is the College’s responsibility to determine the student’s withdrawal date for the purposes of calculating the proration and refund of institutional charges billed by the College.

The College has elected to use the same formula used to calculate the Return of Title IV (Federal) Financial Assistance when calculating the percentage of institutional charges incurred by a student.

  1. Any student who withdraws prior to the last day to add or drop a course without a fee (typically the end of the first week of classes) in any semester, is not considered to have been enrolled for that semester and is therefore entitled to a 100% refund of tuition, room and meal charges for the semester. (The official date for each semester is outlined in the College Calendar.)
  2. Any student, who withdraws from all coursework after 60% of the semester has passed, is no longer entitled to any refund or cancellation of charges billed by the College.
  3. Any student who remains enrolled beyond the last day to add or drop a course without a fee (typically the end of the first week of classes), but withdraws prior to completing 60% of the semester is entitled to a partial refund of that semester’s direct costs (for tuition, room, and board). Indirect costs such as parking permits, insurance, books, class fees, etc. will not be refunded and will be incurred at 100%.

Refund amounts based on withdrawal dates

If a Student Withdraws: Percentage of Charges Student Owes Charges Refunded or Removed from Student Account
By the last day to drop or add a course without a fee (typically the first week of classes) 0% 100%
After 60% of the academic semester has been completed 100% 0%
Between the last day to drop or add a course and the 60% mark A % equivalent to the amount of the semester that has passed A % equivalent to the amount of the semester remaining
For example, if a student withdraws:     
In the fourth week of class, when the semester is 30% complete 30% 70%
In the seventh week of class, when the semester is 45% complete 45% 55%

Official withdrawal

For a student to be considered officially withdrawn, students must notify the College in writing of their intent to withdraw by contacting the Office of Student Affairs. The withdrawal date is the date that the student notifies the Office of Student Affairs of their intent to withdraw or begins the withdrawal process by completing a withdrawal form.

Unofficial withdrawal

If a student stops attending classes without providing official notification to the College, the withdrawal date will be the student’s last date of attendance at an academically-related activity, as documented by the College.

Special circumstances

If the College determines that a student did not provide official notification because of illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other such circumstances beyond the student’s control, the Dean of Students may determine a withdrawal date related to that circumstance.

Enrollment deposits

An enrollment deposit is required of all new students accepting admission and enrolling for 2.25 or more course credits. This deposit is refunded at graduation or withdrawal from the College, provided there is not an outstanding account balance. Withdrawal notification must be made in writing to Student Affairs by July 1 for fall semester and by Jan. 2 for spring semester. Students withdrawing after these dates will forfeit their deposit refund.

Returned check fee

A $30 fee will be charged for a check that is returned to the College due to insufficient funds in the account to cover the amount of the check. A hold will be placed on the cashing of personal checks at the Stockdale Center and the Business Office until the payment is made. If a student repeatedly cashes checks which are returned, the privilege to cash personal checks may be revoked.