Tuition refunds for students who leave mid-semester

In some cases when a student leaves Monmouth before completing a semester, they may be eligible for a refund of partial tuition, depending on when during the semester they withdraw, the amount already paid, and required adjustments to their financial aid based on the timing of the withdraw.

No refund of tuition is made to a student who simply drops a course. Refunds may or may not result in a student account credit that would lead to an eventual payment of cash to a student. Please note that withdrawal from the College may result in a larger balance due from the student and that such balance will be due and payable at the time of withdrawal.

Once a student has withdrawn from the College, any potential refunds will be calculated and credited by the Business Office within 30 days of notification of withdrawal. No separate refund request is necessary. All refunds will be by check and mailed to the address on record. Refunds will not be made for amounts less than $5.

Return of financial aid

Each semester, any financial aid a student receives — including federal, state and institutional aid — is applied to help cover their balance. When a student withdraws before 60% of an academic semester is complete, the Office of Student Financial Planning is obligated by federal aid policy to return a pro-rated amount of any federal student aid applied for that semester, including grants and student loans. These calculations must be completed first before the College can determine if a student is eligible for a tuition refund and the amount.