Business Office

The Business Office is the office on campus that manages student accounts and student charges.

Tuition and fees

Bills for all tuition, fees and housing and meal charges are generated by semester. Bills for the fall semester are typically available in early July and are due Aug. 1.

Bills for the spring semester are typically available by early December and are due Jan. 1. There are several ways students can pay their bill, including payment plans that can be spread out into as many as 12 monthly payments.

2023-24 academic year costs

Tuition  $43,320
Housing $5,790
Meal Plan $4,816
Health Fee $200
Orientation Fee $225
Total $54,351

Payment & Disclosure Statement

  • <blockquote class="callout-quote"><div class="callout-quote-text"><p> The business office was what got me through Monmouth. Anytime I had a question or wasn’t sure about something they explained it and made me feel better.</p></div><footer class="callout-quote-footer">Edy Ramirez ’13</footer></blockquote>


  • How will I receive my bill?

    We do not generate and mail paper bills. Students may access their full statements and details online using the self-service portal. You can find information about how to access self service or add a parent or family member as a proxy so they may also view and pay your bill here.

  • How can I change my meal plan and FLEX dollars?

    Mean plans may only be changed before or during the first week of classes by contacting the Food Services Office.

  • How can I set up a payment plan?

    Enroll in a payment plan here. Read more about payment plan details and deadlines here.

  • When are bills generated?

    Fall semester bills are generated the first week of July and are due August 1. Spring semester bills are generated the first week of December and are due January 1. Having a payment plan in place (with monthly payments sufficient to cover your full balance due) is considered payment by the bill due dates.