Faculty Awards

The Hatch Awards are given to faculty annually. 


Chosen by the last two winners of the prize, this award honors professors who have distinguished records of scholarship. At Monmouth, this includes faculty-student research projects, pedagogical research, creative activities and traditional research in peer-reviewed publications. Judged not by their output alone, but on the ability of their research to impact student lives and educations, these faculty exemplify what it means to be a scholar-teacher.


This award honors professors whose teaching or mentoring have changed the lives of their students, generation after generation. After graduation and upon thoughtful reflection, former students realize how specific professors have influenced their careers, service, and leadership. Whether from a tough course, a caring conversation or a mentoring walk across campus, students value how these teachers have enriched their lives.


There are as many ways to lead and serve our community as there are people in it. Once again chosen by the past two years’ winners, the Excellence in Service Award honors such noteworthy individuals or groups — departments, committees, informal faculty groups, or combined faculty and staff working groups — which do especially significant work on behalf of the College, its students and its community.