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  • June 30

    Life in 2100, Part V

    Developments are occurring at an “astounding” rate in the world of artificial intelligence, says Monmouth computer science professor Logan Mayfield.

  • June 29

    Life in 2100, Part IV

    Physics professor Michael Solontoi considers what might be possible in space exploration in the next several decades and what might be learned from it.
  • June 28

    Life in 2100, Part III

    Monmouth professors talk climate change, cancer, COVID and cautionary tales.
  • June 27

    Life in 2100, Part II

    Physics professor Chris Fasano discusses the future of nuclear fusion; biology professor Ken Cramer addresses floating cars.
  • June 26

    Life in 2100, Part I

    What might life be like as the next century begins? Monmouth professors discuss the topic, again.