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  • June 28

    A Chilly Reception

    Mother Nature was running behind schedule for Monmouth group during May visit to Iceland.
  • June 28

    Life in 2100, Part III

    Monmouth professors talk climate change, cancer, COVID and cautionary tales.
  • June 27

    Life Credits and Blueberries

    Both are in abundance at Monmouth College’s seven-acre farm on the east side of town.
  • June 27

    Life in 2100, Part II

    Physics professor Chris Fasano discusses the future of nuclear fusion; biology professor Ken Cramer addresses floating cars.
  • June 6

    More Time to Chill

    Easygoing biology professor Tim Tibbetts is retiring from teaching, but not from playing the bagpipes.
  • April 18

    Prospecting for Phage

    Monmouth College students up to 11 discoveries in past five years.

  • April 18

    A Deep Dive into Learning

    Award-winning ocean explorer Erika Bergman to speak April 24 on eve of Scholars Day.
  • October 20

    Episode No. 8: Oct. 21, 2022

    Lauren Johnson ’23 discusses how her summer research program at the University of Iowa, her biology major and campus involvement have prepared her for life after Monmouth.
  • October 20

    ‘More Than Just an Education’

    Biology major Lauren Johnson ’23 appreciates the relationships she’s formed through the variety of activities in which she’s participated.
  • October 19

    Role of a Lifetime

    Fifth-year senior Cullen Marshall describes the experience of playing Romeo on Monmouth College stage.
  • Educational Farm & Garden Crew 2022
    June 3

    Episode 30: June 3, 2022

    Members of the Educational Farm and Garden crew discuss their summer plans.
  • April 4

    Profs Discuss Human Genome Project

    Engstrom, Godde say completion of human genome sequencing, after more than 30 years of work, could have far-reaching implications.
  • CARINA ENGST: Monmouth has a great research program for students, especially in the chemistry and biology departments. I'm really, r...
    March 5

    Joining ‘A Great Research Program’

    Being named an Admiral’s Scholar and Doc Kieft Scholar will open a world of research in science to Carina Engst.
  • October 18

    Hall of Achievement Inductee

    Dr. Frederick Kaskel ’67, one of the nation’s top nephrologists, to be inducted during Alumni Impact Awards ceremony Oct. 22.