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  • June 6

    Read All About It

    Emilie Cain ’24 to serve as editor in chief for The Courier, Monmouth’s student newspaper.
  • June 6

    Learning from Current Events

    Monmouth political science students survey U.S. intraparty divides, analyze Supreme Court case on pork sales.
  • June 6

    A Golden Opportunity

    Alumni from 1978 and earlier transported back in time to their days as Monmouth College students.
  • June 6

    More Time to Chill

    Easygoing biology professor Tim Tibbetts is retiring from teaching, but not from playing the bagpipes.
  • June 1

    Episode No. 33: June 2, 2023

    Tartan courses through the veins of Monmouth Director of Alumni Engagement and former communication studies major Zak Edmonds ’08, who discusses his journey to, from and back to campus.
  • May 24

    Episode No. 32: May 15, 2023

    Theatre professor Doug Rankin ’79 reflects on growing up on the Monmouth campus, attending the College as a student and teaching theatre for more than three decades.
  • May 24

    Arc of a Career

    Theatre’s Doug Rankin goes from Monmouth faculty brat, to outstanding student, to talented set designer, to emeritus professor.
  • May 23

    Off to a Great Start

    Monmouth College’s First Destination Survey shows 98% success rate, increase in salary, internships.
  • May 22

    Top Greek Life Honors

    Borst, Simpson named Monmouth College’s Greek Man and Woman of the Year.
  • May 22

    Kuppinger Creates ‘Edible Classroom’

    Project was part of the experience for students in her ‘Anthropology of Food’ class.
  • Rep. Richard A. Gephardt
    May 16

    Episode No. 31: May 17, 2023

    Monmouth 2023 Commencement speaker and former U.S. Rep. Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri talks about the state of U.S. politics, the corrosive effect of social media on the body politic and prospects for the rural Midwest.
  • May 16

    Snow Cone Selfie 

    Lea Selquist ’25, left, and Lauren Lehmann ’24 enjoy a refreshing treat thanks to a campus food truck visit on May 3.
  • May 16

    Highlander Leadership Awards

    Rathgeb, Dorn, Diaz among recipients of awards, which were presented during April 19 ceremony.
  • May 16

    Students of the Year

    Fox, Fowler named Monmouth’s top seniors; Gore, Andal earn awards for freshmen