All’s Well That Ends Well: The Female Appropriation of Comic Inevitability 

  • Macy Quigg
    University of British Columbia

Ableism, Disability, and Systemic Injustice in the Lives of Runaway Youth and Youth Considering Running Away 

  • Rachel Litchman
    University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Crisis of the Illinois Educator Shortage: A Thematic Discourse Analysis of Superintendent Insights 

  • Elizabeth Orwig
    Western Illinois University

Examining Rule Extraction from Sign-Language Like Gestures in Adults 

  • Elizabeth Joy T. Sodimu
    University of Illinois Chicago

Reading the Past Through the Present: Queer Associations Between AIDS and COVID-19 in the United Kingdom 

  • Moira Armstrong
    Kent State University

Impacts of Within-City Variations on Urban Health Care Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Spatial Analysis of Foot Traffic Data 

  • Chris Chae
    Brown University

Can the Global South Improve the Humanitarian Aid System? Comparing North-South Aid and South-South Cooperation in Haiti 

  • Alessandra Rosa Policarpo
    Macalester College

My Body, My Vote, My Choice: Abortion Messaging & the 2022 Midterm Election 

  • Brockdon Lawhead
    St. Olaf College

Smell Ya Later: The Impact of Working Memory Capacity on OdorBased Context-Dependent Learning 

  • Alexis M. Arvanitis
    Adrian College

Creative Placemaking in Twin St. Paul Neighborhoods: A Comparative Analysis of Frogtown and the Creative Enterprise Zone 

  • Ellen (Ellie) Patronas
    University of St. Thomas

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