Helping students when emergencies arise.

Bill ’81 and Yvonne Mensing Hurckes ’82

Class Year



East Peoria, Ill.

Current Information

Yvonne spent part of her adult life raising the couple’s two sons. She retired after 20 years of teaching, primarily in the Chillicothe, Ill., school system. The first 10 years after he graduated from Monmouth, Bill pursued a career in teaching and coaching. In 1992, he decided to open his own independent financial planning firm. Bill is founder/owner of Clarity Group Midwest in East Peoria, Ill.

THEIR GIFT: The couple created an endowed fund to provide perpetual funds for unanticipated needs and/or emergency situations experienced by Monmouth students. The income from their invested endowment will provide the funding.

WHY THEY GIVE: In the couple’s early years, they weren’t able to support their alma mater how they would have liked because they had to make several sacrifices. “Starting a business was tough, and there just wasn’t much left over at the end of the month,” said Bill. “It is much different now. At the end of the day, we gave because we felt we were in the position to give. We also wanted to create an avenue for students who had the unexpected need for financial assistance.”

WHAT MONMOUTH MEANS: “For us, Monmouth allowed us to meet each other, fall in love and have a wonderful family,” said Bill. “It also gave us the opportunity to have long-lasting friendships that we cherish more so today than we probably did 40 years ago.” The couple also appreciates the College’s academic rigor. “Succeeding in the classroom for four years and graduating gave us the sort of work ethic that has helped us during our post-college years,” said Bill.