Whitney Wherle ?13

Whitney Wherle ’13

Class Year


Current Information

Currently, Whitney is finishing up her 27-month service with the Peace Corps in Armenia. In the fall, she plans to start a dual Masters program at Brandeis University in both Conflict Resolution and International Law and Human Rights.

One class at Monmouth you still think about today?

I always enjoyed any of my French classes with Madame Moore, especially the francophone lit class I took with her my senior year. I love learning from and about diaspora cultures. Her classes were always so intimate and she’d make us the best coffee during our presentations and finals.

Favorite place to travel?

Currently, I am trying to explore as many post-Soviet states (Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.) as possible. Utilizing Armenia as my base of reference, it’s been really interesting to compare where these countries are now, both economically and politically.