Chris Walljasper '07

Chris Walljasper ’07

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Chicago, IL


Agriculture Reporter


Thomson Reuters

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One class at Monmouth you still think about today?

I often think back on classes that continue to shape my understanding of the world. Here are a couple:
Freshmen seminar - in the early 2000s we used this course to delve into the ramifications of burgeoning technology and human interaction. Looking back, those conversations were incredibly prescient, given our world today.

World religion - I gained an empathy and curiosity for other faiths through this course. It has helped me be a better neighbor and advocate in my community.

Music Composition - I nearly failed this class. It was a struggle, and I remember that constantly. It’s humbling. I’m more grateful for the C I earned in that course than any A.

Coolest thing you’ve done in your career?

I traveled to Mozambique Africa to report on the problematic history of land mine removal in that country and across the globe. I interviewed a teenager who lost her leg due to a long forgotten mine from a war that ended decades before. Months after that story was published, a non-governmental organization reached out to me, asking to be connected with the young woman. They found her and fitted her with a prosthetic leg.

Favorite Monmouth College tradition?

I don’t know that it’s a tradition, but I think my favorite thing about Monmouth college is the fierce bonds of the community. Friendships that have grown and strengthened over the years, across millions of miles, are some of my best and most lasting. It’s the common experiences we shared at Monmouth that built those lasting bonds.