Jay ?99 and Hillary ?00 Dickerson

Jay ’99 and Hillary ’00 Dickerson

Class Year



Galena, IL


Jay is the advertising manager and Hillary is editor


the Galena Gazette

Current Information

What is one class at Monmouth you still think about today?
Together we had British Romanticism with Gary Willhardt. It was a small class, and he made it a lot of fun.
Hillary: Any class I had with Stacy or Simon Cordery. So many of my fondest Monmouth memories involve those two individuals, who I still consider friends.
Jay: Definitely Stacy Cordery classes. Her classes were both fun and challenging.
What is the coolest thing you’ve done in your career?
Working together every week to produce one of the best community newspapers in the nation. Our commitment to quality journalism started on campus when we worked together on The Courier.
What is your favorite Monmouth College tradition?
Homecoming. Although it’s been a few years, we love bringing our daughters to visit the campus we love, the place at the very beginning of our journey together.