Sean McNamara

Class Year



Pricing Specialist


Compeer Financial

Current Information

Sean McNamara ’12 is a pricing specialist at Compeer Financial

Key steps in his journey:

  • Internship with 1st Farm Credit Services
  • 2013 — Accounting specialist with Farm Credit Services
    • Operating Expense Budget/Profitability
    • Accounts Payable/Travel Expense Application Team Lead
    • Learn the ins and outs of your company’s tech will make you a valuable resource
  • 2018 — Pricing specialist with Compeer Financial
    • Company merger in 2017 with Agstar Financial of Minnesota and Badgerland Financial of Wisconsin
    • Accounting responsibilities changed to finance responsibilities

Sean’s advice for students:

“Step out of your comfort zone if circumstances allow it. Embrace mentors — they are the greatest professional gift you will have.”