Kari Eklund Rodrigue

Class Year



Financial Analyst & Program Manager


John Deere

Current Information

Kari Eklund Rodrigue ’08 is a financial analyst and program manager at Deere & Co. 

Key steps in her journey:

  • Internship with Deere & Co. on internal audit staff in 2007
  • Completed three rotations in the Deere & Co. Finance Development Program
    • Trips to Manheim, Germany, and Ningbo, China, provided global perspectives that changed her career and personal outlook.
  • Obtained a master’s degree in business with a focus on global management in 2014.
  • Stepped outside her small-town Illinois comfort zone and took on challenging roles within Deere & Co. in Horicon, Wisconsin, and Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Kari’s advice for students:

“While a small dot on the map of Deere locations, Thibodaux, Louisiana, has provided me an entirely new global perspective — working with colleagues in Brazil, China, Thailand and many more on a regular basis.

“Embracing a diverse and global business environment is key to positioning oneself for success.

“Be prepared for the unexpected, embrace change and challenges, and never underestimate the power of networking and relationship building.”