Lori Walters

Professor, Communication Studies

Rm 304 Wallace Hall 309-457-2402


I came to Monmouth in 2013 to serve as director of the basic communication course – a move that brought me back to the Midwest after living in upstate New York for 15 years. As director of the basic communication course, I train and supervise speech assistants and tutors, who play a significant role in helping Monmouth students become effective public speakers.

I often integrate service-learning projects in appropriate courses (such as “Small Group Communication”), which give students opportunities to work with community partners to address real community needs. Most recently, students in my “Small Group Communication” classes collaborated with Latinos United of Monmouth to plan and execute a 5K road race. Funds generated from the event supported two scholarships for local Latino high school students.

Along with the courses noted below, I have experience teaching rhetorical criticism, rhetorical theory, speechwriting, and communication and culture.


Rhetorical dimensions of: oratory, music, food practices, motherhood

Democracy and Civic Engagement


the Basic Communication Course



B.S. – University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, 1990

M.A. – Central Michigan University, 1993

Ph.D. – Bowling Green State University, 2001

Courses Taught

COMM101: Fundamentals of Communication

COMM230: Introduction to Communication Studies

COMM235: Small Group Communication

INTG101: Introduction to Liberal Arts

COMM113: Workshop for Speech Assistants

Selected Work

Walters-Kramer, L. & Draxler, B. (forthcoming). Strengthening Tutoring Communities with ‘They Say / I Say’. In W. Atkins-Sayre and E.L Yook’s (Eds). Communicating Advice: Peer Tutoring and Communication Practice. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Reader for Introduction and Conclusion to K. Isgro and M. Castañeda (Eds.) Mothers in Academia. (2013). New York, NY: Columbia.

Walters-Kramer, L.A. (2011) Cross-cultural childbirth methods. In M.Z. Stange, C.K. Oyster, and J.E. Sloan’s (Eds.) The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage.

Walters-Kramer, L.A. (2010). Birth imagery, metaphor, and myth. In A. O’Reilly & J.G. Golson’s (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage

Walters-Kramer, L.A. (2010). Folk Music. In H.R. Diner’s (Ed.) Encyclopedia of American Women’s History. New York, NY: Facts on File.