Ashwani Kumar

Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering

Rm 155 Center for Science & Business 309-457-2383 Visit my website


Low-dimensional superconductivity and Quantum Hall effect.


B.S. — Government College for Men, 1997

M.S. — Panjab University, 1999

Ph.D. — Florida State University, 2009

Courses Taught

Phys 325: Solid State Physics

Phys 311: Mathematical Methods

Phys 310: Quantum Mechanics

Phys 280: Modern Physics

Phys 209: Statics

Phys 208: Classical Mechanics

Phys 130 wL: College Physics

Phys 103 wL: Astronomy

Selected Work

Ashwani Kumar, H. J. Gardner, L. Yu, and P. Xiong, Superconductor –insulator transitions in ultrathin a-Pb films: comparison of the effects of disorder, magnetic field, and magnetic impurity, Conductor-insulator quantum phase transitions, chapter 14, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-959259-3 (Spetember 2012)

H J Gardner, A. Kumar, L. Yu , P. Xiong, M.P. Warusawithana, L. Wang, O. Vafek, D.G. Schlom S. Thiel, C. Richter, and J. Mannhart , Enhancement of superconductivity by parallel magnetic field in two dimensional superconductors, Nature Physics 7, pp 895-900 (2011).

A. Kumar, M.J. Manfra, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, and G.A. Csáthy, Nonconventional odd-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in the second Landau level, Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol 105, pp 246808 (2010)