Ryan Colclasure, October 2023

Ryan Colclasure

Lecturer, Psychology

Rm 132 Center for Science & Business 309-457-2276


My early experiences in psychology were rooted in animal behavior and conservation biology. I followed this track to study the manner by which evolutionary pressures have influenced human functioning, including social behaviors, the principles of learning and development, and the physiological processes that underlie it all. What I find most fascinating about human behavior is that underneath our personal complexities (such as emotions, personalities, and everyday behaviors) we have a repertoire of thoughts and behaviors that are deeply rooted in the successes and struggles of our ancestors.

The deeper question I strive to answer through scholarship and teaching is this: How can we use our understanding of psychological constructs to explore our own motivations and behaviors, and ultimately have more control over our own personal strivings and happiness?

Courses Taught

Psyc101: Introductory Psychology

Psyc216: Learning and Memory

Psyc223: Social Psychology

Psyc240: Personality

Psyc243: Mind, Brain and Behavior

Psyc303: Drugs and Behavior

Psyc316: Behavior Modification

Psyc415: Evolution and Human Behavior (Readings)

Psyc420: Research Seminar