Francisco Angeles

Francisco Ángeles

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Coordinator, Latin American Studies

Rm 304 McMichael Academic 309-457-2306


Born and raised in Lima-Peru, I received my B.A. in Literature at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima (2007) and M.A. (2013) and Ph.D. (2016) in Hispanic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining Monmouth College in the Fall 2017, I had a one-year visiting position at Bryn Mawr College (PA.) As an author, I published four critically acclaimed novels: La línea en media del cielo (2008), Austin, Texas 1979 (2014), Plagio (2016), and Adiós a la revolución (2019). As a cultural journalist, I´ve published dozens of articles, and book and film reviews for major newspapers and magazines of Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

I have traveled all around Latin America, and I spent weeks or months doing research in multiple cities and countries. I am particularly interested in the intersection of contemporary Latin American culture and radical politics. Multidisciplinary by nature, at Monmouth I’ve been teaching a variety of classes, including Advanced Creative Writing at the English Department, and Introduction to Journalism at the Communication Department. Among the multiple classes I teach for the Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department, I´m particularly proud of my Spanish for Heritage Speakers. I also taught courses on Instability Under Neoliberalism, The Concept of “Experience” in contemporary Latin American literature and performance, and the course on Latin American Cinema (in English.)

In Spring 2021, along with Professor Thorndike, I will co-direct the semester long program in Merida-Mexico.


Ph.D. – 2017, University of Pennsylvania

M.A. – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2013

B.A. – Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 2007