Amanda Louck Campbell

Class Year





Prime Construction Services

Current Information

Amanda is a controller for Prime Construction Services in Davenport, Iowa. She earned her master’s degree from University of Phoenix in 2005. 

Her career has included:

  • Midwest Bank — controller, then chief financial officer
  • Deere Employees Credit Union — assistant vice president of accounting and finance
  • Prime Construction Services — controller

Amanda’s advice for students:

“I branched out after 20 years with one company, and tried something new. It did not work out. Life will not always work out the way you plan it to. Pivot — make a new path! Failures do not define you.

“The corporate world is a team world. Mind other team members to work with that have strengths where you lack.

“Find someone to be your mentor as you start your career. You do not have all the answers.”