Stephen Coutts ’06

What am i doing now?

Corporate Accounting Manager CATERPILLAR Deerfield, IL

Key steps in my journey:

• 14 years with the same company (as of June 2020)

• Obtained Master’s degree while working full time – 2008

• Obtained CMA credentials – 2012

• Relocated my family twice for job opportunities (more flexibility = more opportunity)

• Left operations accounting and entered corporate accounting in 2012

  o Stepped out of my comfort zone – challenged myself

  o Learned as much in my first year about Caterpillar accounting than I had in my previous 6 years in operations support

Career advice:

• Build trust – done by having high accountability and integrity – with trust comes more opportunity

• Control what you can control – work hard and your career will take care of itself

• Prioritize and execute – develop a plan and act

• DO MORE – make yourself stand out from your peers – Challenge yourself

• Find leaders who you can trust and take all advice offered

• Suggest solutions – don’t just identify the problem