Michelle Ravel ’17

What am i doing now?


Key steps in my journey:

• Internship with Cavanaugh Davies Blackman & Cramblet CPA’s in Monmouth during college

• Worked as an Accounting Assistant at Mississippi Valley Credit Union in Moline, IL

• Started my career at USG Corporation as an Operations Plant Accounting (Cost Accountant) and moved to treasury as a Senior Analyst after one year

• Working towards my Master of Business Administration at DePaul University – Anticipated Graduation of March 2021

Career Advice:

• Continuously volunteer to work on projects outside of immediate work group

   o Networking in all departments and learning valuable skills outside of normal course of work continually builds your skills and personal brand which present unexpected opportunities

• Communication is key

   o Having open communications lines with peers and superiors will provide for easy problem solving during challenging times and makes work much more enjoyable

• Teamwork truly does make the dream work

   o Teams are an essential part of every job and offer great exposure to several others within your organization. Use group projects as a learning base on how you operate on teams and how you can become a more effective team member.