Luke Kreiter ’17

What am i doing now?

FP&A/Cost Accounting Analyst Fluid Management Inc.

Key steps in my journey:

● Staff Accountant (Intern) – Lauterbach & Amen (2016-2017)

● Staff Accountant – IDEX Corporation (2017-2018)

● Senior Accountant – IDEX Corporation (2018-2019)

● FP&A/Cost Accounting Analyst – Fluid Management - a Business of IDEX Corporation (2019-2020)

Key Insights I have learned along the way:

• Network. Network. Then network more - This doesn’t only pertain to searching for jobs. Develop relationships and bonds with people in your company. There will always be people that leave, but those relationships will last throughout your entire career.

• Create your Brand – All large companies have an “Org/Talent Cycle” process in which senior leadership will discuss high performers and their next steps/ceilings. Build a reputation that makes their conversation to move you to the next level an easy one.

• Business Partnering – Being a strong cross-functional partner outside of Finance is critical to your achievement and success of the business. I have had colleagues that work well within their team but create toxicity with other teams that do not allow for success.

• Wanna get away? – Being willing to move is a huge accelerator in your career progression. As roles within the organization come open, businesses will go to their internal bench first. Don’t worry though, you can still progress without being mobile!

• Minimum Effort, Minimum Reward – Work ethic is a defining factor in your progression. Typically, the people that “get the job done and go home” don’t stand out. Finish up your assigned work? Ask your manager what’s next. Not only does it show that you want more, you will also gain exposure to new challenges and learn in the process.

• Find a Mentor – Establish a mentor early on in your career and try to have it be someone that you don’t report to. Your reporting manager will always be there for guidance but having a mentor that isn’t your boss will allow for open and easy two-way discussions.

• DON’T FORGET TO LEARN!!! – In college, we can get so focused on exam, homework, and quiz scores that we forget the big picture. We are there to learn, and more importantly retain that knowledge! Early on in my career, I wished I had remembered more about the simple things like debits/credits, journal entries, etc. You learn many things on the job. However, as you move through your career you start to take your day-to-day and make connections back to a topic you covered in class. Your grades matter, but it’s important to remember you’re there to learn (After all, your professors can attest that my wife was the one setting the curves on exams, not me, and we both turned out alright).