Brittany Cecil Holmes ’10

What am i doing now?

Logistics Management Specialist Department of the Army Rock Island, IL

Key steps in my journey:

● My education did not stop when I left college. I looked for opportunities to grow my technical and soft skills within my workplace and community.

● I completed my MBA through the University of Iowa and participated in a travel abroad program.

● I went outside my comfort zone.

● I was not afraid to challenge the norm. I asked why we were doing things and if they could be improved.

● I brought up ideas and asked questions during meetings with leadership. This allowed me to gain confidence and learn about the organization.

● I took time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and those of my teammates. It helped our team communicate and work more efficiently.

● I took on challenging projects/tasks that others were not willing to do. I broke those projects down into pieces which made them manageable.

● I continued to seek mentors and opinions of people I trust.

● My career has included:

   o Army Contracting Command-Rock Island – Contract Specialist

   o Army Sustainment Command – Logistics Management Specialist