Allie DeArvil ’16

What am i doing now?

Accountant II Advisor Group Phoenix, AZ

Key steps in my journey:

Career Advice:

• Ask Questions – You’re not expected to know everything! Asking questions will show initiative and will save time down the road when your work gets reviewed.

• Do your CPA right after graduating – As someone that is just now starting to study four years later, I regret not studying when my workload was significantly lighter. It will help you get promoted and reach your goals much quicker.

• Take Chances – I moved across the country. This is the time in your life to do and go where you always wanted. The WORST case scenario is it doesn’t work out and someone says “you couldn’t make it” - they are just jealous, they never had the initiative to try something like that!

• Your first job is not your last job - In school I thought tax was going to be my career. I loved VITA! I did a year in tax after graduating and I hated it. I then switched to audit for the next three years and loved it! I just recently made the switch to corporate accounting and love that even more. Every step of career is important and formative, even if it doesn’t work out.

• Value – Work for a place that cares about you as an employee and not you as an output of work. I have worked for companies that only cared about the bottom line. How a company treats you matters, especially in trying times such as these.

• Take ALL Interviews – Practice makes perfect. The more you interview the more you will feel comfortable and confident and the more your personality will show through. In all the interviews I have been in and conducted, companies look for a personality fit. You want to like who you work with every day, especially if you have to travel…It’s EXTRA important.