Jake Mefford ?10 works as a PA in local area hospitals.

Jake Mefford ’10

Class Year



Physician Assistant


OSF Hospitals

Current Information

Today, Jake is a PA who works in the Galesburg and Peoria area. His tasks vary day to day and can include patient education, although his primary role is to treat patients in the ER. An overseeing physician checks his charts and is regularly present “so I can bounce ideas off of him,” said Mefford. “But mostly I practice independently, treating patients in the emergency department.”

“In grad school, out of a class of 50, there were students from 25 different states, many from major universities. The more I interacted with them, the more I realized I was just as prepared as anybody. No matter their background, I could compete with them.”

Mefford came to Monmouth from a small high school, but he never felt out of place on campus. “I felt right at home from day one at Monmouth. The faculty were very welcoming. I not only interacted with many science professors, but I had memorable business and art classes. I was able to gain a wide variety of academic experiences, not just in my major.”

The hospital where Mefford works receives evaluations from all its patients and does a monthly report on the most recommended caregiver, including nurse practitioners, PAs and the doctors themselves. Mefford has placed No. 1 on those patient evaluations in multiple months, which he attributes in large part to his Monmouth education. “With the smaller classes, I really got to interact with other students, so I got used to interacting with people on a personal level. That’s allowed me to really help my patients feel good and be as relaxed as they can be in an ER setting.”