Thomas Martin ’72

Brief Bio

Tom grew up in Moline, Illinois, and also spent time in Heidelberg, Germany, and Nigel, South Africa. He graduated from Monmouth with a degree in government and earned a master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Utah. Tom also worked in marketing for John Deere Co. for 27 years and today lives in Reno, Nevada.

Their Gift

Tom has a streak of 14 years of consecutive giving and support of the College’s annual fund through a multi-year pledge commitment. That demonstrates his belief in the vitality of the liberal arts experience, in paying it forward for the next generation of students, and in the power of charitable support. “Think of what kind of world you want future generations to live in and what it is going to take to make that happen,” said Tom. “In a world of 8.1 billion people, helping a student afford a college education may not seem like much, but it means the world to that one student. You can improve the future one person at a time. Give donating a try. You might like it!”

Why They Give

“Since retiring, I have been doing a side hustle working as a standardized patient at the University of Nevada School of Medicine,” said Tom. “I enjoy being around young people and watching them grow from absolute novices to getting the right to put M.D. after their name. I admit my job is only the tiniest of cogs in that learning process, but I feel pride in doing my part.”

What Monmouth Means to Them

“I would say that the discipline I developed when it came to my study habits has helped me greatly over the years,” said Tom. “Hearing the viewpoints of others and learning about how other students grew up in ways different from my own broaden my understanding of the world.”