Brock McNinch


Cell:  309-300-3390
Office:  309-457-2287

If you are an admitted student who has received your financial aid results and wish to schedule a meeting to discuss the results, you can do so here:

High School you attended:

Moline High School, Moline Illinois

Fun Fact:

I am a huge Star Wars fan and even started a Star Wars club while in college.

Favorite thing to do on campus:

Serve dinner to students during the annual Christmas banquet. It’s fun to see the students I helped bring to Monmouth and our Scot Ambassadors outside of work.

Favorite thing to do in Monmouth:

Go to Papa’s restaurant for their rib Wednesday special. Really anything on the menu is good, but the ribs are fantastic! If you ask for restaurant recommendations during your campus visit, Papa’s is at the top of the list.