Emily Flint ’16

What am i doing now?


Key steps in my journey:

During College:

  • Obtained 150 credit hours by graduation through overloading and classes during the summers
  • Learned about the process for obtaining the CPA during the Spring of Senior year
    • Approval to sit through the Illinois Board of Examiners (IBOE) is a VERY time-consuming process
  • Took all the necessary classes at Monmouth College that are pre-approved by the IBOE to be eligible to take the CPA exam
    • Ask the professors for the class schedule map
  • Never turned down an interview (even if I was not interested)
    • The extra practice during interviews I was not necessarily interested in made the actual interviews I cared about that much easier!

Post College Tips:

  • As we are navigating a worldwide pandemic, do research on companies and how the companies are currently treating the employees. Are the employees being furloughed, laid off, let go, reduced in pay? It is important to have a job, but more important to have a job at a place which sees value in you, for the long run.
  • The main reason I have stayed at the same company since I graduated college is due to the managers/bosses I work with daily. They are easy to work with, understanding of my personal life and are truly enjoyable to be around. If we all must work 40 hours a week, spend it with someone you like.
  • There is nothing wrong with leaving a job you don’t like. Don’t let a parent/grandparent/friend tell you that if you leave your job, your resume will look like you can’t keep a job. We are living in an era where you are replaceable and not invaluable to your company. So, if you don’t like your current job, use that as a talking point at your next interview.
  • Learn as much as you can about excel, data analytics, and computer technology. You will spend most, if not all your days in front of a computer. The more you know about Excel and how to manipulate data, the better off you will be. Don’t sleep through those Excel classes!