Sean McNamara, Class of 2012

Sean McNamara ’12

What am i doing now?


Key steps in my journey:

  • Internship with 1st Farm Credit Services while at MC
    • Important relationships will be built where you take your internship
    • Be yourself and show great work ethic
    • You never know which contact will be the one that recommends you for a job
  • 2013 - Accounting Specialist - 1st FCS
    • Operating Expense Budget/Profitability
    • Accounts Payable/Travel Expense Application Team Lead
    • Learning the ins & outs of your company’s tech will make you a valuable resource
  • 2018 - Pricing Specialist - Compeer Financial
    • Company Merger in 2017 w/ Agstar Financial (MN) and Badgerland Financial (WI)
    • Accounting responsibilities changed to Finance responsibilities
    • Comfort Zone = 0, step out of your comfort zone if circumstances allow it
    • Embrace mentors, they are the greatest professional gift you will have