Julie Trac ’07

What am i doing now?


Key steps in my journey:

  • Take initiative. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to start a task, he/she may be waiting to see if you will step forward on your own.
  • Anticipate additional questions your customer will have and be prepared.
  • Propose solutions versus asking for the right solution.
  • Dig deeper. Don’t just scratch the surface. Keep asking “Why?”
  • Step outside your comfort zone. You will surprise yourself.
  • Be mobile and mean it. If you work for a large company with many locations, be open to movement (as much as your personal circumstances allow). This expands your professional & personal networks and breadth of experience.
  • Learn the business so you can be a trusted business advisor.
  • When changing job roles, train well and leave good documentation. If things are a “mess” after you leave, you didn’t do a good job transitioning the role. Things should be as good or better than how you left it.
  • WAIT: “Why Am I Talking?” Are you adding value to the discussion or repeating what another person said?
  • Execution. Planning and updates are great, but if you’re not making progress, people will remember.