Amanda Louck-Campbell ’02

What am i doing now?


Key steps in my journey:

  1. Earned Master’s Degree from University of Phoenix – Online. Completed in 2005.
  2. My career has included:
    *Midwest Bank - Controller, and then Chief Financial Officer
    *Deere Employees Credit Union - Assistant Vice President of Accounting and Finance
    *Prime Construction Services - Controller
  • Branched out after 20 years with one company, and tried something new. It did not work out. Life will not always work out the way you plan it to. PIVOT - make a new path!!! Failures DO NOT define you!
  • The only thing that is consistent in life is CHANGE. Be open to it!
  • The corporate world is a TEAM world – work as a TEAM.
    *Find other team members to work with that have strengths where you lack.
    *Find someone to be your mentor as you start your career, you do not have all the answers.