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Samantha Zigmant

Class Year



Plainfield, IL


Theatre Education with an Endorsement in English

Monmouth & You

Previous Institution: Joliet Junior College

Involvement/Activities: Involved in the Theatre and Educational Studies Department, and I work in the Mailroom

Favorite Monmouth Memory: My favorite Monmouth memory so far is the new student walkout. It was so fun to walk around town and feel the support from not only teachers and staff, but everyone who lived in the town as well. Everyone handed out snacks and supplies and wished us good luck with the school year and it made me feel so welcomed and comfortable here!

Favorite Class at Monmouth: My favorite class at Monmouth has to be my Stagecraft class (THEA-174) with Doug Rankin! I have learned so much about theatre from behind the scenes that I would’ve never learned by just being an actor. The sets don’t build themselves!

Top tip: My top tip would be to always put yourself out there and meet new people! Coming into college as a new student or transfer is hard but finding friends and putting yourself out there makes it a lot easier, and it’s more fun to have friends all over campus or have friends who study different subjects than you. Put yourself out there!