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Brooke McCormick

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Metamora, IL



Monmouth & You

Minor: Classical Studies

Previous Institution: Illinois Central College

Involvement/Activities: Swim Team, Scot Ambassador, Sports Editor on The Courier, Res Life Staff Member, Mortar Board Secretary, Theater Box Office Manager

Favorite Monmouth Memory: My favorite memory would have to be playing sand volleyball in the spring with my friends. It is a really great place to hang out, and even when other students come to play, we always welcome them to the game with open arms! I am not a very good volleyball player, but I always have a good time hanging out there with my friends!

Favorite Class at Monmouth: My favorite class by far at Monmouth is my ENGL-400 Senior Seminar class with Dean Willhardt. Even though I did not go to Monmouth for four years, being in this class with the other seniors really makes me feel like I fit in here. I have always been welcomed in the English classroom, which was very comforting when transferring.

Top tip: “Step outside of your comfort zone to make friends! Had I not gotten involved on campus, I don’t know that I would have met a lot of the people I did or build a lot of the connections I did without making many connections across campus, and meeting new people also teaches you new things about yourself! I think that is very important to explore your likes and dislikes throughout college because it teaches you so much about yourself!”