Alana Newman

Adjunct Professor, Classics

Rm 11 Wallace Hall 309-457-2420


Art and archaeology of the ancient Mediterranean, women in antiquity, Ptolemaic Egypt, Classical reception in film


PhD – University of Edinburgh, 2017

MSc – University of Edinburgh, 2012

BA – Ohio University, 2009

Courses Taught

CLAS 120/HIST 120: Archaeology: Great Discoveries

CLAS 130/HIST 130: Egyptian Archaeology

CLAS 195/HIST 195: Archaeology Research Laboratory

CLAS 210/310: Hollywood and the Ancient World

CLAS 201/301 : Cleopatra and Other Queens

CLAS 240/340/HIST 230: Race, Ethnicity, and the Other in Antiquity

Selected Work

2020, ‘Arsinoe II as Synnaos Thea: The Significance of the Display Context of the Deified Queen’s Relief Portraits in the Egyptian Temple Complex’, in C. Cusset (ed.), Féminités Hellenistiques: Voix, Genre, Représentations, 157-176.

2019, ‘Arsinoe II: A Queen for the People’, Ancient History Magazine, vol. 20, 50-53.

2017, ‘Queering the Minoans: Gender Performativity and the Aegean Color Convention in Fresco Painting at Knossos’, Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, vol. 30, no. 2, 213-236.