Christine Johnston, Director of Student Support Initiatives and Global Engagement

Christine Johnston

Rm 131 Hewes Library 309-457-2453


Director of Student Support Initiatives and Global Engagement

At Monmouth Since


City & State

Waverly, IL


BA Elementary Education, coursework towards MBA and MAT


I grew up in Illinois. Went to school in Illinois. When I started working for Monmouth in 1999 I had no idea how much of the world I would see! I have traveled to recruit students or evaluate off site programs in China, Scotland, Latin and South America.

My excitement about global engagement is fueled by what I learned about other cultures as I traveled. I did not travel abroad while in college. I was actually deep into my career in admissions before I even got a passport. I got that passport because I was going to go to China. Yup, my first international trip – 7 days in China. I remember leaving O’Hare, and having only ideas about what awaited me when I got off of that plane – next stop Shanghai! After that initial trip, I wanted more! It did not hurt that I got to talk about Monmouth everywhere I went – it was after all it was my job!

I feel that travel, and more specifically studying abroad, is a transformational experience. You won’t ever look at things the same way again. You will learn so much about yourself and the world you live in by seeing new things, meeting new people and navigating new places. I wish I had traveled earlier in life; and I am happy to help our students find a way to do what I have always wished I could have done. Monmouth makes it easy. We have short trips. We have semester long trips. We even get you a passport!