Adrienne Hagen

Assistant Professor and Co-Chair, Classics

Rm 10 Wallace Hall 309-457-2374


Growing up on a farm in rural Virginia, I learned to appreciate the natural world from a young age. While completing my doctorate in classics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I discovered that I could combine my love of all things Greek and Roman with my passion for nature. I now specialize in environmental history and environmental philosophy.

I am particularly interested in how ancient people conceived of nature from a philosophical and scientific standpoint and how they interacted with their environment through agriculture, mining and other practices.


Environmental history

Greek and Latin literature

Greek and Roman philosophy

Animal studies


BA – University of Mary Washington, 2006
PhD – University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2016

Courses Taught

CLAS 240/340/ HIST 230: Race, Ethnicity, and the Other in Antiquity

CLAS 240/340/ HIST 230: Labor, Class, and Slavery in Antiquity

CLAS 240/340/ HIST 230: Nature and the Environment in Antiquity

CLAS 210/310: Ancient Magic and Witchcraft

LATN 200/300/400: Ovid’s Metamorphoses

LATN 200/300/400: Latin Composition

LATN 300/400: Cicero’s Dream of Scipio

GREK 200: Homer’s Odyssey Book 9

GREK 200: Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations