Sherry Bair

Associate Professor, Educational Studies

Wallace Hall 203 309-457-2339 TH 11AM-1PM, & 3-4 PM MWF by appointment


Bair was raised in Dubuque, Iowa, and began her teaching career in Fort Madison, Iowa in 1978.

She began teaching at the college level in 1984 at Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University). Since then, she has spent time as a K-12 curriculum director, and statewide director of an engineering and science outreach program; then she spent more than 18 years in the mathematics department at Illinois State University before retiring and moving to Texas.

While in Texas, she began teaching at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, before returning to Illinois in 2016 to join the faculty at Monmouth.

During her career, she has: authored more than 50 professional journal articles and 20 curricular projects; made nearly 90 conference presentations; received more than $4.5 million in grant funding for research and curricular projects; and acted as a professional reviewer for article and presentation proposals.

Bair has two adult children, and you will regularly see her walking her dog around town.


Professional Interests: 1) Teaching and Learning Mathematics. 2) Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching. 3) Connected and Relevant Mathematical Learning. 4) Interdisciplinary instruction.

Personal Interests: Home improvement, Landscaping, Wine Tastings, Live Music, Family & Friends.


B.S. University of Dubuque, 1977

M.A. Truman State University, 1984

Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia, 1989.

Courses Taught

  • QRAC 110 – Quantitative Reasoning/Citizen
  • INTG 325 – Christian Vocation
  • EDST 110 – Elementary Math Core and Foundations
  • MATH 210 – Foundations of Elementary Math I
  • MATH 211 – Foundations of Elementary Math II
  • MCTE 315 – Elementary Science Methods
  • MCTE 316 – Science Content for Elementary Educators
  • MCTE 372 – Secondary Math Curriculum & Instruction with Lab
  • MCTE 410/411 – Elementary Math Methods and Practicum
  • MCTE 460/465 – Whole Class Practicum for Elementary Education (Primary & Intermediate)

Selected Work

Author/Editor/Co-editor of 34 Solve it! and Solve It! Student Thinking articles in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, published by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics from 2011-2016.

Bair, S. L. & Mooney, E. S. (2013). Mario, Monkey-Man and the Fish. Mathematics Teacher. 106 (6), 408-409.

Bair, S. L. & Rich, B. S. (2011) Characterizing the Development of Specialized Mathematical Content Knowledge for Teaching in Algebraic Reasoning and Number Theory. Mathematical Thinking and Learning. 13 (4), 292-321

(Bair) Meier, S. L. & Rich, B.S. (2009) Using an MKT Developmental Framework to Guide Instruction in Our K-8 Mathematics Specialization Program. Proceedings of the Fifth Annual TEAM-Math Partnership Conference on the Mathematical Preparation of Teachers:

“Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations.”

Paul Lockhart