Stephanie J. Baugh

Associate Dean of Academic Initiatives
Associate Professor, Art
Interim Chair, Spanish and Latin American Studies
Gallery Director

201 McMichael Academic 309-457-2255 Visit my website


Stephanie has always been a multi-faceted person and an interdisciplinary artist.

She grew up dancing in a ballet and modern dance company; won awards for writing and poetry in high school; presented a dual exhibition/performance of prints, ceramics, and choreography in undergrad; and completed a graduate degree in art education (with special training in undergraduate writing pedagogy) before completing her MFA in interdisciplinary art, where she focused on painting, collage, bookmaking and choreography. 

A native Southerner, Stephanie has lived in Alabama, Florida and Georgia before moving to Monmouth in 2005 with her husband and fellow art professor, Brian Baugh.

As the daughter of an aerospace engineer and an English teacher, Stephanie has logical and methodical approach to her art-making and to her teaching. She has recently served as the coordinator to “Introduction to Liberal Arts,” Monmouth’s holistic first-year experience course.


Stephanie’s artistic interests grow from a fascination with everyday, contemplative experiences. She is drawn to nature — especially trees, birds, mountains and the ocean. But contemplation can also develop through common activities such as reading or walking. Movement, growth and change are key themes in Stephanie’s work, and often those ideas are represented through letter-form abstractions or typography.


MFA - (Interdisciplinary Art) Goddard College, 2015
MAEd - (Art Education) University of Georgia, 2005
BFA - (Printmaking) University of Montevallo (Alabama), 1999

Courses Taught

Typography & Logo Design
Book Design
Poster Design
Digital Photography
Art and Ideas
Introduction to Liberal Arts
Methods and Materials
Ceramics 1
Foundations of Art Education
Pedagogy in Art Education
Elementary Visual Arts Curriculum and Instruction
Principles and Strategies of Teaching
Art for the Elementary School Teacher

Selected Work

Collage art by Stephanie J. Baugh

“The smaller you feel when standing next to a mountain, the closer you are to understanding its greatness.”

Arne Naess