Roxanne Green ’81

Class Year



Ag in the Classroom Coordinator

Current Information

Who made an impact on you at Monmouth?
My education professors, Dr. Frank Sorenson, Dr. George Arnold and Miss Esther White influenced my path while at Monmouth. Each professor had their own style of teaching, but each of them knew me and helped advise and guide me. They each provided me with opportunities outside the college campus to learn from local educators. I was able to learn from teachers in the classroom like Jo Sorenson and Donna Arnold. It made the experience real and provided me with wonderful mentors.
What is the coolest thing you’ve done in your career?
I participated in a NASA experiment by raising monarchs with my students called Monarchs in Space. A local news station came and interviewed me for a segment on the evening news.
Do you have a favorite Monmouth Memory?
I have too many great memories to just pick one. But I do remember the feeling of being home. My Kappa Delta sisters and ZBT brothers made a small college community home for a girl from central New Jersey. I can still recall waiting in Wallace Hall on bid matching day, and great parties at the ZBT house! Those days certainly were some of the best!