Mike Rosenstiel ’98

Class Year



Elementary Teacher

Current Information

Who made an impact on you at Monmouth and how?
Both Dr. Dorthy Douglas and Dr. Frank Sorenson were instrumental in my career as an educator. They inspired me to take learning risks and forge paths into my own professional endeavors. I appreciated Dr. Douglas visiting my classroom my first year teaching and offering her continued support as I started my new career. I always felt my professors shared what was considered best practice but also wanted us to know that our profession, in particular, required both compassion and competence. I will be forever grateful for their excellent guidance and utmost kindness.
What is the coolest thing you’ve done in your career?
In 2002 I was one of 13 finalists for Illinois Teacher of the Year. I was extremely pleased to accept this honor. I have had a very successful career as an elementary teacher in both Oswego District 308 and Chicago Public Schools District 299. I look forward to the future as I continue my career in education.
What is your favorite Monmouth College tradition?
My favorite Monmouth College tradition is matriculation. I will always remember walking in and being welcomed by the entire Monmouth community. We then walked the square and had a sense of community right off the bat. Three years later I was part of the student government and we walked during graduation. I felt as if I came full circle.