Brittany Berg ’16

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Do you have any advice for the senior class?
Get involved as much as you can. Attend the sporting events, join the clubs that you thought about hundreds on times to join. Attend the ASAP events (remember they are free). Take the classes that you may not take for your major. You might end up coloring different coloring pages that you may not color in your life! Don’t be afraid to make the memories. You never want to leave Monmouth knowing that there were things that you wish you did or the people you wish you spent more time with. Enjoy your last year at Monmouth College. I know I did.
What is your favorite Monmouth College tradition?
All things Bagpipes. My favorite tradition is every football game having the Bagpipes lead the football team out before every game!
Do you have a favorite Monmouth Memory?
My favorite Monmouth Memory was senior year the Chorale traveled to Italy. Some of my favorite memories within that trip was being able to perform during Mass in Vatican City, taking a tour the Colosseum, and getting an up and close look of the Statue of David. Another thing that Tim loves to do on our trips was when we go to different locations, he likes us to sing one of our songs for the fans who weren’t fans until they heard us sing. When we were in Rome, we made a stop in the Pantheon. As we were standing in the center Tim had us get into our normal formation. The sound that came out of our mouths and the echo that we heard after we finished to this day gives me goosebumps.