Mark Tupper ’94

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Chief Financial Officer

Current Information

Who made an impact on you at Monmouth and how?
There are a lot of faculty and staff I could mention here but a few that stand out are Doc Kieft, Ken McMillan, Mike Connell, and Ira Smolensky. They each had an impact in different ways and helped me to become who I am today. They are all pillars of the Monmouth community and truly cared about the students and helped me to see the world differently. They were also good at giving me a kick in the butt when I needed it.
Do you have any advice for the senior class?
Be yourself. Take the awesome education you receive at Monmouth and be relentless in your next path in life. Monmouth teaches you to be bold. Be bold!
What is the coolest thing you’ve done in your career?
The coolest thing I have done over my career is have the opportunities to learn from others as well as teach people and see them be successful. I had the opportunity to teach graduate level finance courses a few years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed that and like my experience with the faculty at Monmouth I have kept in touch with some of my students and enjoyed watching them continue to be successful.
How have you used your liberal arts education in your career?
Every day. The liberal arts education allows you to see beyond your particular expertise and appreciate other opinions and perspectives.
What is your favorite Monmouth College tradition?
Monmouth College has so many traditions it is hard to pinpoint one. As a student it was always fun to see the outpouring of alumni back for Homecoming and graduation. Maybe not a tradition per se but a few of us always enjoyed building a snowman outside President Haywood’s office window when we got our first major snowfall.
Do you have a favorite Monmouth Memory?
Many great memories in the ZBT house and interaction with the other Greek organizations on campus. It was also always fun to help the new students get moved into their dorms and see the excitement (and nervousness) as they began their Monmouth College experience.