?You don?t have to be a millionaire to make a million-dollar difference to someone.?

Nancy Speer Engquist ’74

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Nancy devoted her career to education, teaching for 35 years at the elementary and middle school levels, and overlapping that work with 25 years as an educational consultant at Illinois State University. Among many accomplishments in her consulting role, she developed ISU’s Professional Development School, a year-long student-teaching experience. Nancy holds a master’s degree in special education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in curriculum instruction and educational psychology from Loyola University in Chicago. She has served on the Monmouth College Board of Trustees since 2002.

HER GIFT: Nancy supports internships for Monmouth students. The funding helps cover the type of unforeseen costs that students often encounter with internships, especially off-campus experiences. “I strongly believe in internships,” she says. “I really saw the value of them when I was working with the Professional Development School at Illinois State. A great deal of learning in college happens outside the walls of the classroom, and one way that happens is through internships.”

WHY SHE GIVES: Nancy says gifts don’t have to be seven figures to have an impact. “You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a million-dollar difference for someone and change their life,” she says. “Everybody can give something, whether it’s time, talent or money.”

WHAT MONMOUTH MEANS: Nancy grew up not far from Monmouth in Bushnell, Ill., and was the first person in her family to attend college. “Doors were opened to me at Monmouth personally, professionally and educationally,” she says. “It was hard work, but Monmouth provided me ways to interact at the state, national and even international level in ways I never would have thought possible.”