Twomey Foundation

Their Story

Brief bio: The Twomey Company was in operation from 1945 to 2011. Although the company has been sold, the Twomey Foundation lives on, and the next generation of Twomeys – all of them women – are now in charge. During its 66 harvest seasons, the company not only provided grain handling and storage, but also was a farm service center, providing “inputs to local farmers for the things they needed,” said John Twomey (pictured).

Their gift: For the past 21 years, the Twomey Foundation has made a gift to Monmouth College, designating the gift for scholarships for students who are from Warren and Henderson counties.

Why they give: “Giving to Monmouth College is part of the foundation’s goal of supporting Warren and Henderson counties,” said Twomey. “It’s our way of thanking our customers in the area who do business with us.”

What Monmouth means to them: “Monmouth College is a great asset to this community,” said Twomey. “We wouldn’t be near the community we are without Monmouth College. It’s a vital part of this community.”