How parents contribute to the Monmouth Experience

Tom and Beth Dulee

Brief Bio

The Dulees have been associated with Monmouth College since 2013 when their son, Brad, was an incoming freshman. In 2016, their daughter Laura decided to also attend Monmouth. Brad graduated summa cum laude with the Class of 2017, and Laura will graduate in 2020. Both have been involved in many campus activities and sports. “That’s given us greater involvement,” said Beth. In fact, the Dulees were driving to Laura’s volleyball match in Monmouth when contacted for this article.

Their Gift

Tom and Beth both work at State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Ill. “One of State Farm’s values is to support the educational institutions that their employees value,” said Tom. “This is done financially through a matching gift program. For every contribution we make to Monmouth College, State Farm matches it. We have participated in this with Monmouth since 2013.”

Why They Give

“Monmouth College provides a strong liberal arts education,” said Beth. “In our careers, we have utilized our liberal arts education in our daily work environment. Also, Monmouth College has provided financial ‘gifts’ to our children, through grants and scholarships. By making contributions to the College that are then matched by State Farm, we are giving back some of these gifts to be passed along to future students of Monmouth College.”

What Monmouth Means to Them

“Monmouth College has provided two very different experiences to our two children,” said Tom. “This speaks volumes to the offerings on the campus they have engaged in and the support they have received from faculty and staff. You can really customize your experience at Monmouth to find whatever you’re looking for. Brad received an educational foundation at Monmouth College that led him to acceptance into medical school. Laura is finding opportunities to guide her towards her selected future career.”