Dennis knows the value of a growing seed.

Dennis Plummer ’73

Class Year


Current Information

Brief bio: Dennis Plummer worked for Monsanto from 1980-2007, helping it grow from a Midwestern ag company into an international agribusiness giant. For part of that time, he was president of American Seeds Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Monsanto. Today, Plummer is co-founder and executive vice president of Arvegenix LLC, which is developing the oilseed field pennycress, a crop that produces “oils with desirable properties.”


His gift: Although he still makes annual gifts to Monmouth, Plummer has also made a provision for his alma mater in a trust he stablished using retirement benefits. “I can adjust it any time,” he said. “You get it set up, and you can always take it up or down. But it’s important for anybody around my age who doesn’t already have something in place to get something like this set up. You get the structural part done when your healthy and your mind is right, and you don’t have to worry about scrambling around in your later years to do it.”


Why he gives: “Monmouth College is fortunate to have had some very large donors in the past – donors whose names are on buildings and plaques throughout campus, and a number of which I knew personally. I wanted to do my part and give something back. I’m proud to be a small part of it, and I hope others are considering doing the same.”